Zettel narrows field of potential schools down to five



WEST BRANCH — Ogemaw Heights’ football season came to an end Oct. 30 with a tough loss in Kingsford, but it is far from the end of senior Anthony Zettel’s football career. But where he will play in college is still undecided.

Zettel said he has sifted through all the offers and narrowed his list of potential schools down to five — Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Penn State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Southern California.

He said he is looking at the five schools with a fresh set of eyes and is open to each option.

“I’ve got no favorites,” he said. “I’m looking for a good education, good football, the personality of the coaches and players, the campuses, I’m looking at everything.”

He added that he will also look at how each school fares this season, and examine rosters and other incoming recruits.

Even though he is going to look at the rosters and recruits, Zettel said he knows he will have stiff competition no matter where he is placed on the depth chart as a college freshman.

“You have to work for your position,” he said. “Every big program you look at, you’re going to have to work your butt off.”

Zettel admitted that he was hoping to have a better senior year than he had at OHHS. He suffered a mid-foot sprain early in the season, and had pulled tendons in the sprained foot, which he said slowed him down a bit.

“I don’t think I had the senior year I wanted to at the beginning, because of injuries,” he said. “My foot wasn’t really mobile.”

The multi-sport athlete also plans on finishing his senior year on the basketball and track and field teams.

“I’m going to heal my foot up for two weeks,” Zettel said. “And then I’ll be ready for basketball.”

As a junior, Zettel impressed college scouts at national football camps, ranking as one of the top offensive and defensive line recruits in the country.


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