41 teams compete to raise funds for Ogemaw Heights’ football team


WEST BRANCH — Ogemaw Heights High School continued its traditional golf scramble June 27 with 41 teams of four at The Nightmare.

Each pair of two groups of teams took on a random first hole then followed the numbered holes around the golf course.

Football coach Josh Lucas said the team plans to put the money raised from the event toward anything the program may need including new football helmets and uniforms.

Prizes at the end of the scramble included tickets to games such as University of Michigan football tickets, an autographed football, and various other prizes donated by the community.

Some could compete by winning a challenge at some of the holes based off the par or how close someone hits a golf ball to the hole. First place prizes were also given and a few raffle prizes based off of raffle tickets that each player receives at the beginning of the scramble.

Winners and the amount of funds raised were not made available at time of press. More information will be included as it is made available. 

For more information, check the Herald on stands July 2.


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