First Michigan Mud Jam deemed a success

Eric Young
Cory Rummell hits a jump during the freestyle competition at this year’s Michigan Mud Jam Aug. 24. Rummell performed the first backflip in a mega truck the day before.
Eric Young
People pack the stands for the freestyle competition at this year’s Michigan Mud Jam in Hale. The event may return next year after 6,000 people attended it this year.

HALE — The first Michigan Mud Jam was a success, according to event organizer Melissa Streeter. 

Though the event fell a little short of the 10,000 people who were expected to attend, Streeter said around 6,000 did come out, which made it a successful event.

“We got very lucky with the amount of injuries,” she said. “For the most part, people were well-behaved. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff so far. That’s going to help bring it back.”

The event was held Aug. 23-24 at the Iosco County Fairgrounds, and featured 30 acres of mud for participants to enjoy with their mud trucks. Camping for the event began the Wednesday prior. 

Streeter said the Mud Jam committee will meet with the fair board next week to ask whether it can use the fairgrounds next year. She said if the fair board gives the go-ahead, the event will probably be held again.

“It’s sounding like it,” she said. 

Overall, she said most people have had positive comments about how the event went.

“I think the amount of show we put on, with the two days of mud, and the backflip, and the freestyle, and the tug-of-wars — people had something do all day,” she said. “So that made it worth their money.”

Streeter said the highlight of the event was Friday, when Cory Rummell did a backflip with his mega truck.

“That’s never been done before,” she said. “We gave him the spot to pull it off.”

She said having Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson at the event with his mud truck King Sling was also a big part of it. 

“That was awesome too,” she said. “That’s another thing that probably was a huge draw for people.”

She said she’s not sure yet whether Anderson will come again next year, as the committee hasn’t discussed it at this time. 

As for injuries, Streeter said there were a couple, but everyone should be OK.

“As far as we’re aware, everyone’s going to be fine,” she said.

For more information about the Michigan Mud Jam, visit 


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