Gov. Snyder slated to appear at Little League state finals


WEST BRANCH — Gov. Rick Snyder is scheduled to present the game ball to a starting pitcher Friday, July 27 during the Little League state finals in West Branch, according to West Branch Little League President Howie Hanft.

Hanft said he has been working on getting Snyder to attend the finals for some time, and was able to connect with a member of the governor’s staff to make it happen.

“I’ve been working on this for about three months,” he said. “His manager of appointments (Norm Saari) used to be my Little League coach.”

Snyder is slated to be at the Little League complex between noon and 12:30 p.m. July 27, Hanft said. Besides handing the ball off, Snyder will also pose for a photo, give a brief speech and conduct a meet and greet.

Five of 14 teams that will play at West Branch have qualified so far, and Hanft said he has been letting them know about Snyder’s scheduled appearance. He said those who know the Governor will be present have been excited about the opportunity to meet and play in front of Snyder.

“The ones that are in seem to be pretty excited about it,” he said. “They’ve been saying ‘Oh the Governor’s going to be there? That’s pretty cool.’”

The Willow Tree restaurant in West Branch is scheduled to host Snyder for a meet and greet after Snyder leaves the Little League fields.

Hundreds of people are expected to be in West Branch for the ages 10-11 state Little League finals from Thursday, July 26 to Wednesday, Aug. 1. For more information on the state finals, contact Hanft at 989-312-0973.



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