Rose City woman wins Publishers Clearing House giveaway


ROSE CITY — Janet Quillen of Rose City was called home abruptly Monday afternoon with news that someone was at her house that she would like to see. Little did she know, it was Publishers Clearing House wanting to award her with $1,000.

“It was quite the surprise,” Quillen said.

While shopping with her daughter, Quillen said her daughter received a phone call from Quillen’s sister explaining why they needed to get home but to not tell Quillen.

“She told me it was nothing bad because I was afraid something bad had happened,” Quillen said.

So, her daughter tried to explain that someone was at her house that she’d like to see. Quillen thought it was a family member or friend from her past that had found her. But when they got home, Quillen was confused because the only visitors were her sister and mother, who knew Publishers Clearing House would be arriving any time.

Minutes later, a van pulled down Quillen’s long driveway.

“My mother said, ‘What’s that?’” Quillen said. “I turned around and saw the van and was amazed I didn’t hear it pull into my driveway. I stared at this sign saying ‘Publishers Clearing House’ and this big check, but they didn’t let me see what the check was for until they presented it to me. I had no idea how much it was for. It was just so amazing to see them in my driveway, and coming toward me.”

With the whole event being a blur for Quillen, she didn’t even remember exactly what she said.

“My daughter told me I asked them, ‘What are you doing here?’” Quillen said and chuckled. “I don’t remember that, but my sister remembers it too, so apparently I said it.”

Quillen said she has been playing Publishers Clearing House since roughly 1980 because it doesn’t cost any money to participate. And now that she has won some money, she’s not sure what to do with it. She and her husband already had a white water rafting trip planned for this month, so some money will be spent on that, along with getting some essentials for her family.

“I have a daughter and grandson, and they need things, so I will spend a little bit of the money on them,” she said.

Along with the check for $1,000, Quillen received a bouquet of roses, and champagne she doesn’t plan on opening because it has a Publishers Clearing House label.

“It wasn’t a lot of money, but it didn’t have to be to make me smile,” she said. “Somebody even said today if they were given $10 they’d be thrilled, so it’s a blessing.”


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