October 22, 2018

West Branch police chief talks bike safety - with video


WEST BRANCH — West Branch Police Chief Rodger Williams spoke to Surline elementary students Monday, May 20, to give them a crash course in bike safety.

Williams and his assistant, a watermelon named George, demonstrated to kids how a helmet can protect their head in an accident. Williams dropped George on the ground while George had a helmet on, and he was undamaged. However, when it was dropped without a helmet, the watermelon split open.

Williams had four bikes to give away, and helmets for all of the kindergarteners. He said the program was made possible through more than $1,100 worth of donations from West Branch businesses. He said the city police sends a letter asking for donations to all West Branch businesses each year.

“We only send them to businesses within the city limits,” he said.

Anyone looking to donate to the program, which is done annually, can contact the West Branch Police Department at 989-345-2627.


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