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No charges will be filed against student who made vague threats to school

Student allegedly mentioned Sandy Hook


WEST BRANCH — No charges will be filed against a student who made a vague threat at Ogemaw Heights High School April 20.

According to the Michigan State Police incident report, after investigation of the incident and discussion with the Ogemaw County Prosecutor LaDonna Schultz, it was determined that no crime was committed.

Parents of students at Ogemaw Heights High School were notified at approximately 3 p.m. April 20 that administration was informed of a potential verbal threat against the school.

According to the report, a staff member was walking down the hall when they passed a group of students and reportedly overheard one student (student A) making the statement. The staff member then notified school administration who contacted the MSP.

“I’m going to bring in my guns, tommy gun style and light this b---- up like Sandy Hook 2,” the reporting staff member’s written statement included in the Michigan State Police Incident Report reads.

MSP Community Service Trooper Jeff Devine sat in with Ogemaw Heights Assistant Principal Will Robelli as Robelli interviewed student A with his mother present, witnesses (students B and C) and the staff member who reported it.

Devine’s report states that when Robelli initially spoke to student A, they denied making any sort of comment. However, after further questioning, student A admitted to making a vague reference to Sandy Hook but was adamant that no threat was made.

Students B and C were named as witnesses in the incident and both confirmed that student A made comments about Sandy Hook and Columbine. Student C also confirmed the “tommy gun” portion of the staff member’s written statement.

According to the report, Devine contacted Schultz and she advised that situation was not a criminal incident and should be handled within the school system.

“As the West Branch Community Service Trooper I am frequently contacted by schools as a resource for guidance and assistance in matters that could possibly be criminal,” Devine said in the report. “Due to this incident not being criminal in nature, I did not investigate. I only advised the school during a portion of their investigation. Once it was determined that it was not criminal, no further action was required by me.”

The report states that Robelli said student A would be suspended and could possibly be expelled for progressive discipline issues. The report notes the student had been suspended several times this school year.

The names of the students involved were not released.


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