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Law enforcement officials identify student behind alleged threat


WEST BRANCH — Law enforcement officials worked Sept. 17 to identify the perpetrator behind a threatening message sent out to several Ogemaw Heights High School students over the weekend.

“It was brought to our attention this morning that several students received threatening messages electronically via social media over the weekend,” said a Sept. 17 robocall that went out to parents of OHHS students. “These threats were made by a person who is attempting to remain anonymous.”

Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Deputy and School Resource Officer Mike O’Dell said he worked with the Michigan State Police, which received the initial complaint, to investigate the validity of the threats.

MSP Detective Sgt. Craig Johnson told the Herald as of 11 a.m. Sept. 17 police have identified the subject, who reportedly admitted to sending the group message.

O’Dell said the threats were made over Instagram, and originally seemed like someone messing with their friends. However, he said if that were the case it went too far.

The district said at no time were any of the students at the high school in any danger.

“The staff of Ogemaw Heights is committed to ensuring the safety of all students and we will continue to closely monitor the situation,” the robocall said.

According to Johnson, the fate of the student’s tenure in the district will be at the hands of the school board members. However, he said the MSP will be seeking charges against the student.

The school is asking if anyone has information related to this incident or any other safety related situations, to please contact the school at 989-343-2000.


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