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W-P teacher takes own life after allegedly admitting to abusive past


WHITTEMORE — Kevin Schutte, a 25-year-old band director at the Whittemore-Prescott school district and former student of Au Gres-Sims, allegedly emailed dozens of staff members in the W-P school district admitting to a history of sexual misconduct before taking his own life Jan. 6.

According to W-P Superintendent Joe Perrera, the abuse allegedly occurred before Schutte started at the school this year.

Perrera said a thorough background check of Schutte was performed. The only thing that resulted from the search was a previous speeding ticket.

Perrera said that shortly after 8 p.m. he received the email from the teacher that was suicidal in nature, so he immediately contacted 911 to send someone to Schutte’s home. Included in the email were names of the teacher’s alleged victims. None of the alleged victims attended Whittemore-Prescott.

Arenac County Sheriff Jim Mosciski said deputies are currently investigating the alleged abuse, which may have occurred in the Au Gres area.

“All of the students on that list do not attend Au Gres school anymore,” Perrera said. “I believe they were from years ago. It didn’t sound like anything recent.”

Schutte attended Au Gres-Sims High School and graduated fourth in his class in 2012.

Perrera said Whittemore-Prescott is consulting with several groups to provide counseling for students and staff.

“It is a shock,” he said. “Our goal is to support our students and staff during times like these.”

Earlier Jan. 7 Perrera reached out to the Herald to help with the district’s notification to parents. The district prepared a letter to parents, which was mailed out the same day, but Perrera wanted parents to know the letter was en route and that everything that could be done was being done by the district.

Updated Jan. 8 at 9:02 a.m. to reflect the teacher's name.


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