The 2023 large animal showman

By Jocelyn Garza

Bransen Bellville won Showman of Showmanship this year at the Ogemaw County Fair Aug. 18. He is also the showman of sheep.

There were seven competitors in the large animal showman of showmanship. Each person is a showman of their animal divisions—horses, dairy beef, swine, goats, dairy, sheep and beef. Each person shows an animal from those respective categories.

The person who shows these animals the best collectively is named the showman.

The other competitors included Derek Malone from dairy beef, Cayden Wangler from beef, Katie Wangler from swine, Ann Goodroe from dairy, Alexis Daly from goats and Laura Goedecke from horses.

“The award represents the highest honor an individual can earn at the Ogemaw County Fair,” said superintendent of sheep Andrew Walker. “Each exhibitor can only win the large animal Showman of Showmanship award once in their lifetime.”

Photo-Caption:Bransen Bellville poses for a photo with his trophy. Photo-Credit:Photo by Wendy Brindley