Morris Arthur “Moose” Murphy

Died April 7, 2023

Morris Arthur “Moose” Murphy, age 68 of Prescott, MI, passed away at his home on April 7, 2023, at 4:23 a.m. surrounded by his wife, Beverly (Grauherr) Murphy, daughter Judy, and son Ben.

Moose was born on June 5, 1954, in Midland, MI to the late Bernard Leroy and Lottie (Butters) Murphy. Moose was a loved husband, son, brother, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, and cousin. Moose impacted so many lives in many great ways, and in ways words will never be able to explain in enough detail.

But as his granddaughter, I will try to explain my grandfather from my eyes and share the memories he’s left us all with.

Moose had many accomplishments in his life; he worked hard for everything he had and who he became. My grandfather was determined and set in his ways. He had the ability to improvise and overcome anything in his path; of course, he would, how could he not?

Being a lance corporal in the United States Marine Corps, he lived by his solid oath of Semper Fidelis, and he never gave reason to doubt his intentions of never breaking that oath.

I believe him when he said Marines never die, they get recycled, because I feel him everywhere.

I remember one day he told me with tears in his big, beautiful morning sky eyes that his biggest accomplishment in his life was his family. My grandfather loved his family more than anything in this world. Nothing could ever compare to his family. He held barbeques and many family gatherings so he could enjoy our company and feed us all. He loved seeing us full and happy at all times. My favorite ability that he had was to make you feel like you could never be alone and if you did, he would call you and hold a conversation or tell you a story. Our grandfather was the best storyteller of all time in our eyes. Even if you heard his stories on more than one occasion, you learned to listen even closer for any new detail you could cling to. The excitement and detail he put into his stories brought them to life.

My favorite story he told me repeatedly, when I asked, was the Filipino festival story. He would say, “Baby girl, you would love it and I want you to see it one day. The dances are like on the television.

They make bone marrow soup and it’s delicious.” I would smile and envision it all, trying to smell the aromas and imagine what it would be like to be there with him. His stories will forever live in the stages of all our lives, with every bonfire and bedtime story.

A beautiful gift he left us all, a lifetime of experiences he lived through, are now all of ours.

Moose loved being home. Since the first day he bought his home, it was his forever home. I still see him drinking his black coffee staring out his window, sitting in his favorite chair, watching all the nature he lured with seed and breadcrumbs. I can still see him working on wore down weapons and tractors. The smile on his face and in his eyes was enough to know how happy and how much he loved his life. Our grandfather, my grandmother’s husband, was a binding force that completed our family. He will be forever in our hearts and in the hearts of generations to come.

Moose is survived by his loving wife, Beverly; children Judy, Lance, Heidi, Lonny, Ben and Angie; grandchildren Billy, Keith, Marissa, Anthony, Davon, Victoria, Sence, Jacob, Summer, Jude, Alexis, Jenna, Drema and John; great-grandchildren Amaziah, Laynie, Mireya, Mason, Paul and Anthony; brothers Jim, BL and John; sisters Joyce and Bonnie; and many nieces and nephews.

Moose is preceded in death by his parents.

Per Moose’s wishes, cremation has taken place. A celebration of life service will take place soon and the family will let everyone know the date and time. Thank you to everyone for understanding. An online guest registry is available at www. to share condolences and memories of Moose.

Lovingly written by Rissa Murphy and family.