Samantha Wymer


Samantha was born and raised in West Branch, and besides a quick two week "move" to North Dakota, has always lived here. On the same road even — she just bought a house down the road from her dad a few years ago and said she cannot imagine she will ever move too far from home. She’s always been a small town person. She loves having her family so close and knowing the majority of the people she sees around town.

Samantha has been married to her husband, Kyle, since 2015 and they’ve been together since 2012. They have two boys together, Everett, who’s 7, and Elias is 3, and she also has a 9 year old stepson, Skyler. They have five dogs, a cat, a handful of chickens. She said it seems like they’re always adding to their collection of animals, even when they say they aren't. 

She is mostly a homebody and is perfectly content at home with the kids, reading a good book or vegging out to some horrible reality TV. But her husband and kids get her out a lot, fishing, all kinds of hunting — deer, turkey, predator, raccoon, goose and duck, bow shooting and baseball are basically what her life revolves around, She’s either participating in it with them or cheering them on for it. Basically, as long as it includes her family, it’s something she'll enjoy.

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