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Abusing power

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Letter to the editor

First off I must say that my mother and I are owners and operators of the Rose City Café. We are a “family” dinner and take a lot of pride in what we do. This past weekend there was a little incident that involved some of my regular coffee drinkers, and the Rose City chief of police. The chief has been harassing some of my wait staff for some time now while in uniform, but this past weekend he came in on his own time and took things too far. My mother went out into the dining room to pour coffee for customers, and the chief took a picture of my mom’s back side, and claimed that he was going to post the picture on the internet. The coffee drinkers got a kick out of it, but I was not so happy. I proceeded to go out to the dining room and told everyone that was sitting at the table that the next person that harasses my mom is going to get kicked out and that there will be no pictures of her posted on the internet. One of the men later claimed that it was all in fun, but I beg to differ. Aren’t our men in uniform supposed to be setting an example? I don’t feel safe with our police chief in Rose City. He is abusing his power, and wasting our tax dollars because he spends his time in businesses eating and gossiping when he should be on the streets upholding the law and setting a good example for everyone else. I was disgusted and offended by the incident, and because I defended my mom some of the coffee drinkers that had nothing to do with the incident refuse to come back. If you had nothing to do with this incident I sincerely apologize. Mother and I appreciate your business very much. My words were not intended for anyone but the chief. But, I have a question for those who decided not to come back. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I really don’t think that you would just sit back and let grown men act like animals towards your family. Grow up already. I have morals and respect women to the fullest extent and refuse to let these savage beasts eat in my restaurant. Quite frankly I think they need to go back to school and take a class, it’s called ethics.


Brad Kaniewski


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This is in responce to "Abusing the power" Mr. Kaniewski tried to report. I was there when this situation occured and know there was NO harm in what happened! The pic that was taken of his mother was of her pouring coffee and NOT of her "back side". We were all laughing, including your mother at the time. Dean(the police Chief) was there on his own time having breakfast as were about 8 of us, had nothing to do with his ability with being a police officer or for that matter the Chief of Rose City. I guess your saying he's not allowed to come into a business to eat while working or for that matter anytime. As for your wait staff, they dish it out as well as they take it. Thats what made it fun for us with the ladies in there. They always came by to give us a hard time just was much as we did to them. There was never any disrespect to them and they knew it! You were way out of line with your comments and owe us "regular coffee drinkers" an apology. Not only were we drinking coffee, but at least 8 of us were eating breakfast(at $7.00 a pop) I think the next time you blow-up at your customers, you should know the whole story. You will not have to worry about us "savage beasts" coming through your front door anymore! Just remember, these guys would come everyday to your Cafe' when your business was hirting. Well, word has gone around town how you talked to men who have lived here all there life! When we go back to school to take a class on ethics, make sure YOU sign up for the course next door on customer service and cooking!!


Rick Nicodemi

Saturday, April 25, 2009 | Report this

I am Brad's mom and I am responding to Mr. Nickodemi's comments above:

You are right to assume there was no harm in the pic that was taken of me while serving coffee to our customers. I don't recall laughing about it, but I was smiling as I always do when waiting on customers. Personally, I thought it was quite childish.

According to what my wait staff tells me, they are offended by some of the crude comments and advances made by one paticular guest. Brad was already heated by this and over reacted when the picture was taken simply for that reason. He has apologized to those he has run into since then, just as he has apologized above.

If you can't accept his apology, that is your decision. You are the one that does not know the whole story Mr. Nicodemi.

Do you think it is ok for someone to circle the building and wait for servers to come out after their shift to hit on them? Are we, as employers, not supposed to care about the saftey of our employee's during and after their shift?

I understand that you did not know the whole story. I understand that Brad was wrong to take it out on the whole group. I also apologize for it.

As far as us "hurting", it's no secret that their is a recession going on. Fortunatly, our doors are still swinging because we have the means to get through tough times and have many respectful customers who come in to eat, not to harass the staff.

Once again, I apologize to you, but I do not expect you to understand when you don't know the whole story.


Toni Palazzolo

Sunday, April 26, 2009 | Report this

Seems to me if someone is in uniform.....on or off duty they have a responsibility to act professional, so maybe the cheif (whom I do not know) should change into plain clothes when off duty or behave professionally.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | Report this

Regardless of if it did or did not happen or if the Chief was or was not in uniform - I would hope that all of the people involved would be able to act like adults and respect each other, especially when in the public.

From reading the comments - I can see where poor judgement was used on both the Business Establishment and on the Chiefs part. It's poor choices on everybody's part.

Cindi Archer

Monday, May 4, 2009 | Report this

This is just one more example of an us and them attitude that these flunkies are using against the public. They can do anything they want, is what I've always heard all my life. The hubris of these "Officials" is outrageous. They...anyone in local government...think that they are above and beyond the average person. Well I'm here to tell you that you are servants of the very people you think that you are above. local officials should have a "mind adjustment" and realize that they are very vulnerable. Stop preying on the poor. Stop trying to direct local politics into something that benefits your career. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE REST OF US. YOU ARE NOT THE ILLUMINATI, YOU ARE BARELY EDUCATED.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | Report this

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