February 27, 2020

Citgo gas station near Exit 215 demolished

Meijer has not yet purchased any property


OGEMAW TWP. — Earlier this week the old Citgo gas station, Turner's, near Exit 215 was demolished.

The demolition permit was submitted last week, Ogemaw County Zoning Administrator Ryan Veeder said.

While some might connect this demolition with the arrival of a Meijer, Veeder said Meijer has not yet purchased the property it had submitted site plans for earlier this year.

The gas station property is not part of the property Meijer submitted plans for. The owner of the gas station property, Taher Alwajih of Flint, submitted site plans to the township a couple months ago to build a new gas station, Veeder said.

Veeder said Alwajih will have “hurdles to overcome” with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, formerly the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, because of possible contamination at the site.

As reported by the Herald in May, Meijer clarified that submitting the site plans did not mean its arrival was guaranteed. Veeder said when the engineers for the company submitted the preliminary plans, it included a message.

“Just to make it clear in case you are asked about this, Meijer’s just currently doing their due diligence and investigating whether or not they want to, or if then even can, purchase the property,” the message stated. “If they are able to purchase the property, construction probably still wouldn’t start for a couple of years. This is just the first step in their process.”

More information will be added to the print version of this story as it becomes available.

--Ryan Veeder's title has been corrected.


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Ryan Veeder is not the Township Supervisor. I believe his title is Ogemaw County Zoning Administrator. The environmental issues would be the contamination from gasoline and fuel spills from the underground tanks. I believe the area is, or should be, classified as a Brownfield and then handled through the DEQ guidelines. I don't think Meijer would want to add that procedure to their costs.

Friday, October 4, 2019 | Report this

Meijer says not for a couple of years??? Let's check with Kroger! :)

Seriously, we need another large store besides Walmart. They really try their best to keep it stocked, but it's really been lacking for awhile now. I just think there are too many people within our area for just ONE store to handle. I sure haven't seen many cars at ALDI. Not sure why. Good luck to them.

It would also be great to have Leo's Coney Island come up here too. Rumors were going around awhile ago about that.

All of this if just my opinion.

Monday, October 7, 2019 | Report this

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