November 22, 2019

Classy Chassis to fill downtown West Branch June 28


WEST BRANCH — The streets of downtown West Branch will be closed off June 28 to make room for classic cars in the 13th annual Classy Chassis car show.

Event coordinator Pete Fabbri said the event will see around 100 cars lining the street, the majority from the local area. He described it as more of a casual car show with no awards — just a time for people to socialize and show off the cars.

“The people who bring the cars love the show,” Fabbri said. “It’s the premier downtown car show in Northern Michigan. We have some really fine cars in the show.”

He said because of its proximity to the holiday, many people come from out of town to enjoy the show, and its location in the downtown area gives them a chance to check out the local eateries and stores.

“The ambiance of downtown is the backdrop,” Fabbri said. “It’s a stage for the cars. That’s what makes it rather special.”

The free car show takes place from 6-9 p.m. June 28, and the street will be closed off a little before then so the cars can be staged.

Those interested in registering a car in the show for free can contact Fabbri at 989-345-5226.


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