February 22, 2020

Group holds town hall on bond issue



Members of the 4 the Kids Committee held a town hall meeting Wednesday, April 27, to present information on the upcoming $17.7 million bond issue for the West Branch-Rose City school district. Katrina Amerson spoke on behalf of the committee, providing reasons that voters should vote no on the bond. WB-RC Superintendent Dave Marston was also on hand to answer questions from those in attendance, and to provide information about the bond, and what the money would be going toward. Voters will be asked to vote on the bond issue May 3.


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I'm glad Dave was there to help the community understand where the money is going. The 4 the Kids Committee had an ad in the Ad-Liner entitled, "Do we really need a new pool...". This bond issue does NOT include a new pool. It simply includes safety improvements to the existing pool. It sounds like the 4 The Kids Committee doesn't know all the facts...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | Report this

Everyone knows it does not include a "new" pool, it includes 2 Million dollars in improvements to the current pool, the currrent pool is "safe" it needs improvements but as soon as they touch it they have to bring it up to code, doesn't mean it is unsafe, it's not like they are shutting it down because of saftey issues.

I too am glad Mr. Marston was there, he and Ms. Amerson did a wonderful job of presenting.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | Report this

Meeting was VERY well done. There was a lot of fact finding that Ms. Amerson did and I commend her and the team for their efforts.

I don't think you will find anyone against promoting EDUCATION...but when $11 MILLION of a $17.7 MILLION bond is for non-educational purposes (athletics) there is a need to question why.

Instead of looking at reasonable ways to attain something better that would make improvements, this bond goes after the ultimate. We have some of the nicest facilities in the area. When people are losing homes,foodbanks are on the rise how can anyone even think about astroturf and an 8 lane track.? Soprts DO NOT make money for t he school per Marston, so why $11 MILLION allocated? How about NOT eliminating the purchase of new text bools instead?

Thursday, April 28, 2011 | Report this

we are a community---Out of all the facts and figures the public has been given in that ad-- the only thing you got out of it was- it's not a new pool? Realllly? For $2,000,000.00 it should be a new pool! I claim full responsibility for that phrase - In meeting with the graphic artist and trying to think what those pushing for this monstrous debt could possibly be thinking- I grabbed my hair in frustration and pulling it said "Good thing we're getting a new pool--because we're drowning in debt." The graphic artist thought it was clever and we went with the drowning theme. If you can't see past a literary device and if you feel that is "false advertising" I don't know what you must think of the people being told this bond will actually save us money and that only those who own property will be paying it. HMMM. We were making a joke to show the total un-reality of this situation when we are actually cutting out buying curriculum and school books to balance our deficit budget but pouring millions into athletics, pools, and things that have nothing to do with actual education. We apologize if you didn't understand and hope that this will clear it up for you. If it would have fit in the headline we should have made it read" Do We Really Need an OLD POOL for $2 Million Dollars when we're Drowning in Debt. Hope this is more to your liking.

Friday, April 29, 2011 | Report this

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