August 23, 2019

Halloween outranks other holidays


I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again –– Halloween is the best holiday for a variety of reasons. It brings out the creative side in all of us, no matter what age, and allows everyone to show off and have a good time in any way they choose.

Halloween is an annual inspiration to let your creative juices flow and come up with a great idea that no one else is doing for their costume. Several years ago, I went as Stephen King’s Carrie, and I got great responses from so many people. It wasn’t expensive; all it took was an old bridesmaid dress, some fake blood and a prom sash and tiara, which I had from high school. By utilizing Pinterest and thrift stores, you can find thousands of crafty costume ideas at a fraction of the cost. How often do you get to dress up as your favorite character at work, school or around the neighborhood? Almost never, that’s when.

Halloween is also great because there are a lot less obligations and financial burdens than Thanksgiving or Christmas. You’ve always got somewhere to be on those holidays because so many people want to spend it together, which is great, unless you’re an extroverted introvert like me and you prefer anonymity. Halloween is perfect for plans that don’t involve gift-giving or obligatory dinners with distantly related relatives who repeatedly want you to give them a rundown of your life in three minutes.

Another reason Halloween is the best is because pumpkins are easily the most interesting decorations for a national holiday, in my opinion. Using a pumpkin, you can easily make snacks out of the seeds and insides, you can carve them into jack o’lanterns, you can paint them for better longevity and there are many more activities that are family-friendly and fun year after year. Pumpkins are generally the first decorations to be set out each year and usually the last to be put away.

While the weather may not always be perfect in Michigan for trick-or-treating, the whole month of October leading up to the holiday is perfect for scarves, boots and jackets –– personal favorites of mine. It depends on the year whether or not you’ll have to wear a coat over your princess gown, but it’s always good fun to warm up with some hot cider or cocoa and get back to the festivities going on in your town.

Finally, there’s always the free candy. Even if you’re not a kid anymore and you can’t trick-or-treat without neighbors complaining, chances are either your workplace offers a candy bowl, or you’ve been invited to a Halloween party with candy or your kids are bringing home way too much for themselves.

So dress up, eat some candy and carve a pumpkin, because Halloween is quickly approaching and it’s time to celebrate.


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