February 22, 2020

Medical Marijuana in West Branch

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I seen the story about the guy who got budted with the pot plants in the dog kennel.Not too smart bud.Poke a pitbull with a stick and ur liable to get bit?Do not test an adversary like the law. Notice I didnt say law enforcement,such as STING.They are just as much in the blue as we are with all the "grey areas" in the new laws.Its really the lawmakers fault leaving so many loose ends with this. Its costing alot of money in the meantime,While they steadily cut the childrens education budgets while maintaining the most outrageous senencing guidelines for crimes compared to our surrounding states examples.That costs millions annually. And with more and more people are being recommended for medicinal marijuana everyday,more money will be spent on raids and survallence that wont even make it to court.Just SPENT.We really need to unite and speak up.Citizens and Law Enforcement alike

With more people being recommended everyday for medicinal

I think it would a really good idea for us,the medicinal marijuana patients and law enforcement to develop relations so we can work together, be on the same page with the laws and promote a smooth transition for this new law into the community by working together.

Thankyou for hearing me out folks.


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People need to start taking the law to court and making them pay. A good couple cases will go a long way when they are all ready hurting for money as it is.

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