Mobile food pantry announces date change for February


WEST BRANCH — The mobile food pantry in Ogemaw County has announced a date change for this month’s food giveaway, previously scheduled for this week. The giveaway has been rescheduled for Saturday, Feb. 22 at 11 a.m.

This month’s location is the First United Methodist Church at 2490 W. State Rd. in West Branch. The food giveaway will continue until all food has been distributed. No proof of income or residency is required.

“Everyone is welcome,” mobile food pantry volunteer Lisa Curnow said. 

The giveaway was postponed this month due to a delay in shipment by the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Curnow said, adding this is a very rare occurrence.

Curnow said the FBEM delivers 15,000-20,000 lbs of food each month at a cost of $1,200, which is paid for purely by donations from local individuals, organizations and businesses. She said the pantry does not store any food, so items are distributed until they are gone. 

The food pantry tries to distribute food to approximately 300 individuals and families each month. Curnow said attendees are each given a box to fill with food items, and they typically walk away with approximately $75 worth of food. She said she and other volunteers are happy to be able to fill a need in the area. 

“Everyone is always very happy, and they’re so thankful,” Curnow said. “They’re starting to count on it from month to month.” 

While the food pantry does not guarantee stock of particular items, as availability is dependent on what is delivered by the FBEM, Curnow said they typically have a good stock of meats, produce, canned goods, pantry items such as noodles, rice and beans, cereal, snacks, beverages, breads and other baked goods. She added the pantry is also expecting to get fresh milk delivered from now on.

“For this truck and future trucks, we should be getting fresh milk,” Curnow said. “Our local farmers are helping to supply our food pantry with milk, so that’s really great.” 

The food pantry rotates among three locations from month to month: First United Methodist Church in West Branch, St. John Lutheran Church in West Branch and the Mills Twp. Fire Department. It is held each month September through May. 

Curnow said the pantry is always in need of volunteers and donations. Those interested in volunteering, donating or seeking more information about the pantry can contact Curnow by phone at 989-345-0381.


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