February 27, 2020

Ogemaw County EMS director facing assault charges in Arenac County

Facing pretrial in 81st District Court Nov. 4


STANDISH — Ogemaw County EMS Director Trista Lee Smith-Spencer is facing misdemeanor domestic violence and assault and battery charges in Arenac County, according to information provided by the 81st District Court.

According to the district court’s statement in support of complaint for warrant, Arenac County deputies were dispatched to a residence on Alger Road in Moffatt Township around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, regarding an assault complaint against Smith-Spencer.

Smith-Spencer was later located by a Michigan State Police trooper in Ogemaw County and was transferred over to Arenac County deputies, who transported her to the Arenac County Jail.

Ogemaw County EMS Chairman Bruce Reetz said the board discussed the incident with Smith-Spencer, and there are no plans to remove her from her position.

“We’re not going to fire her or anything over it,” Reetz said. "We’re not upset about it. She has to go to court and take care of it herself.”

Smith-Spencer is facing pretrial for the domestic violence and assault and battery charges in district court Monday, Nov. 4.


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Accusation of domestic violence is a serious charge, whether the one accused is a man or woman. There should be zero tolerance for domestic violence. The accusation against a director in the public eye who concerns herself with emergency medical services/treatment-one who should be should be all the more aware of the damage inflicted by domestic violence - is all the more more troubling still. EMS board member Reetz says in effect ... DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?-WE'RE NOT UPSET ABOUT IT. Shame on him and any anybody else espousing this view. Perhaps I'll look into withholding my tax dollars from a institutions with such a Neanderthal-like point of view. I sure do hope this is not a good old boys and girls network pat on the back that says we understand - sometimes you gotta slap the spouse around a little bit to set things straight. B.S.

EMS board members, including you Mr Reetz - do your jobs. Follow the court case, listen to both sides, and make your decisions from there. Do not give anyone a pass - whether they are in the public eye or not and no matter how uncomfortable- on domestic violence.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | Report this

Can’t help but wonder what Reetz would have done had it been any other person

Friday, November 8, 2019 | Report this

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