November 22, 2019

Rights Come With Consequences

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We have a Constitution in our country that lists certain rights; beyond this we have other inalienable rights. I suppose the Pastor Terry Jones used his inalienable right to be a glory seeker while using his Constitutional right to free speech and the resulting consequences are rioting, arson, and death. I can only partially blame Pastor Jones for this because his actions should have been confined to his small congregation. However, because we live in the age of the 24 hour news cycle, it became the next controversy to capture America’s attention. I have to ask, “Why?” This is a man that preaches in front of a congregation that is smaller than my 7th grader’s math class. What would compel any news outlet to cover such a story? Professional sports have learned not to put the fame-seekers who rush onto the outfield or the gridiron on television so they don’t reward bad behavior but news journalists haven’t yet figured out every moronic action or comment doesn’t deserve national media attention.

I am not going to talk about his right to burn a book considered holy by 1.6 billion Muslims. I’m also not going to give any credence to his alleged “trial” of the Quran for what he considers to be crimes against humanity. I am certain any group of people could hold a similar trial and condemn the Old Testament or, for that matter, the United States itself. It doesn’t make them right.

What I am going to say is, his actions have produced the exact consequences the President, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Commander of the United States Forces in Afghanistan predicted. Insurgents are using this as recruiting propaganda. They can now use this footage to try to convince the people America is on a crusade in Afghanistan to destroy Islam. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t true; perception is reality and Pastor Jones has given them a new perception about Americans. It doesn’t matter that Pastor Jones has only two dozen parishioners; to the recruiters he speaks for America. What does matter is that for the lives of approximately 100,000 service members in Afghanistan, things became more dangerous because Pastor Jones wanted to make a dollar and have his face in the news. His actions are not Christian; his motives are not pure; yet we entertain him. Enough is enough. Just because he wants to speak does not mean we need to indulge him.

To me this isn’t about having a right; to me this is about doing what is right. It is about doing what is smart. I’m currently stationed in Afghanistan. I have seen the consequences of his actions. I know how enraged the usually quiet segment of the population has become. I am responsible for the safety of all those in my charge. We accept the risk of being deployed; we didn’t expect that citizens in America would increase our danger. To all of the Pastor Jones’ of the world, if you don’t like something that is fine, but when your actions endanger other people, learn to suffer in silence. To the media outlets, try using a little discretion. To my friends and family in Ogemaw County, don’t confuse my disgust with trepidation. This fool makes our job more difficult but we will be successful. I will return safely in a few more months. Semper Fidelis.


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Firstly, THANK YOU for your service to this great nation. You can be proud.

The news media did not cover the actual burning of the Quran but picked up on the incident after radicals terriorized the UN peacekeepers. This Jones guy is a complete idiot, and agreeably, should not get any news media attention. He is representing only himself and is doing no good for his stand. What surprises me, during the news coverage, they mentioned that Jones is planning a trip to Dearborn pretty soon. What??? They have the largest Muslim population in the entire U.S.

Your comments are a great read and I appreciate your input and insight.

Thursday, April 7, 2011 | Report this

An update..... Jones is suppose to protest outside of a Mosque today in Dearborn. He doesn't have permission but he and one other person are going to be there. We'll wait to see what he stirs up now....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Friday, April 22, 2011 | Report this

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