February 23, 2020

Rose City mayor approved for $10,000 salary, extension of duties


ROSE CITY — The Rose City mayor now has extended duties and an annual $10,000 salary after the city council unanimously approved a motion for these items at its June 18 meeting.

City Clerk Cindy Rosebrugh said her workload would be lightened to a degree with Mayor David Reasner taking on some of her duties, including overseeing the parks. He would also take on the oversight of the department of public works.

She said bigger cities like West Branch have their own city managers for such duties, and townships have supervisors.

“Even though we’re small we have the same things we have to do,” she said. “They just have it on a bigger scale with a lot more money.”

She said previous to this, the mayor was only paid $75 per council meeting and $25 for committee meetings, with no annual salary.

The new arrangement will be reviewed annually to see how it is working, and renewed if there are no issues.

Raises were also unanimously approved for the DPW supervisor, deputy clerk and temporary DPW workers. The DPW supervisor and deputy clerk each received 25 cent raises, and will now receive $16 and $12.25 per hour, respectively. Temporary DPW workers will now receive $10.50 per hour, up from $10.


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