February 22, 2020

Rose City moving forward with plans to discontinue trailer park


ROSE CITY — The city council has scheduled a special meeting July 30 to answer questions and concerns from trailer park residents after the council voted to discontinue any trailer sales and move up the deadline for trailers to be out.

According to the council, the move is to pave the way for alternate development of the area, including the possible establishment of an RV park.

The unanimous vote was taken July 16 after the council had been encountering issues with trailer park residents not following the council’s stipulations on things such as sales. Now, all trailers must be out by Sept. 1, 2024. In comparison, state law requires that the council give residents only six months’ notice to move out.

Back in 2015, the council had set the deadline for all trailers to be out by March 2027, and trailers could be sold until March 2025. All new lot leases were to be approved by the council, among other stipulations.

“The issues sped up the timeline,” Councilman Jeremy Card said. “We talked about this four years ago... I know (trailer park residents) are trying to move on. It was hard to stay on top of (the stipulations), so it was easier to stop all sales of trailers and speed up the timeline to have everyone out.”

After the July 16 vote, letters were sent out to trailer park residents informing them of the changes.

The original deadlines were set in 2015 with the goal of redeveloping the property. An RV park was mentioned back then, but so far no plans have been set in stone.

“We think it’s a more valuable property, being by Houghton Creek and the park,” Card said. “An RV park may be part of it, or more trails along the river. Some of the trailers, their backyard is the river.”

Councilman Chase Wiltse expressed similar sentiments during the July 16 meeting.

“There is revenue in the trailer park, but we’ll get more from a campground,” Wiltse said. “We don’t want to use our valuable ground for it.”

Card said when the city was developing its parks and rec master plan and holding meetings for it — back in 2015, according to Herald archives — there was not a lot of public response, but the council was in agreement about moving forward with recreational improvements.

“That’s what draws the tourists and makes the city grow,” he said. “With the park, we’ve been applying for the grant with the splash pad, we’ve been improving things over there, so we’re trying to focus on our community and parks.”

The possibility of an alternate trailer park location has been discussed, but Card said nothing has been formalized.

According to Clerk Cindy Rosebrugh, there are currently 12 trailers in the park, and one of those will soon be taken out.

The special meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 30.

“We’re hoping we can answer questions and address their concerns, whether it be relocation or a timeline, something that works,” Card said. “I know it’s difficult for people to lose a home, in an area they’ve lived in for years.”


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I think this is a horrible, selfish idea. I hope a petition starts circulating. People in the RV park will destroy the park...

| Sunday, July 28, 2019 | Report this

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