November 22, 2019

something has to be done..

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what is the problem here in rose city..why cant we get any new stores...restaurants...gas stations...we have one grocery store that sells outdated item..3 gas station..2 owned by same person..therefore no competition in prices and may i add usually 12 to 20 cents a gallon more expensive than westbranch which is still more expensive than surrounding towns..cities..we have buildings in rose city..vacant..why..i heard that the politicians here dont want any new businesses here in town..why..?? who knows..there are no jobs here anymore ..especially in the medical profession because of obama care...doctors arent getting paid my medicare so they are leaving or have already left..cant get seriously sick here or have babies here also...hope you can hold out long enough to get to bay city...


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How many people live in Rose City? How many people pass through Rose City? Rhetorical questions. The whole idea of a business is to make money. If i'm a business owner then I need people buying what i'm selling. The more people that are in the area the better my business will do, assuming theres a demand. Gas prices, again supply and demand. It also costs more money to transport fuel to remote areas, especially if theres less demand, so they'd be buying less. You mention there's no jobs there. Jobs create money, people then spend money in the area. Additionally if i'm a weekend warrior I need a reason to want to visit Rose City and spend my money. If you can bring in lots of people with money businesses will pop up. That will create a demand and i'd look at that as a business opportunity. And yes I have been to Rose City as well as many other small towns with identical issues.

Friday, September 23, 2011 | Report this

What happened to the Badlands?

Friday, September 23, 2011 | Report this

Dust bowl, rust bucket, outdated, take your pick. Move. Drive down old Route 66 & then an interstate freeway.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 | Report this

The owners of Badlands lost not only Badlands, but a home they had on Lake Ogemaw. Victims of a poor economy. The bank took both properties back. They couldn't sustain the complex with no clients coming in. From what I heard, they even lost their home downstate b/c it was collateral for the biz up here. I, for one, like the quaint town of RC. It's just the way things are right now. Look at WB -- many vacant storefronts. Until the economy fires up, people are going to hold onto whatever money they have and not invest in new businesses. Support your local businesses! Just b/c something is cheaper at W-M, doesn't mean you should buy it there. Our local businesses need our support, so go do it!

Monday, September 26, 2011 | Report this

Ms Pratt; I'm assuming you're a republican because they don't like Obamacare because it helps the needy; what it IS intended for. Look all over the country and ALL the small towns in America. We're not alone with these problems; it's the economy. And it's not just in the USA, it's the entire world, including the rockbed Europe. Things are not going to get better until the economy turns around. Our generous Congress bailed out the banks and what did they do; they kept the money and paid exorbinant bonuses to their ex's. They didn't lend it like it was intended to have done. The Congress failed to put stipulations on OUR bailout. So the greedy bankers are getting fatter and the small communities are suffering. Rose City has LOTS to offer but WE aren't spending the money like we use to. Bad economy, plain and simple. Have patience. If you trash any community you tend to lead others into believing that the community isn't worth visiting and thus people stay away. Your statements hurt Rose City, not help it.

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The DDA and the council and many dedicated people are working hard to inprove the downtown area in Rose City as well as the infrastructer. I know of two gas stations in Rose City, owned by two different people. The Big Ebakery and Rose City Cafe and Trappers and the Faull Inn all seem to be doing very well, as are many business' in Rose City. Times are tough, we are never going to have the boom years of the old days. We have Dr. Paulson, two physical therapy clinics... Primary Care and Dr. Ray. For a population of less than 600 I think that is alot and I am proud of it.

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Rose City has several small businesses doing fairly well and a couple of smaller factories that have managed to weather the economic storm so far. However the downtown area could sure use an appearance upgrade. There are a few businesses that have upgraded their storefronts but many look shabby. Drive thru Mio then back to Rose City and you will notice the difference. It is also hard to "upgrade" when you are barely taking in enough money to keep the doors open. How about all the R.C. locals that drive to walmart instead of supporting the local businesses that sponsor your kids baseball team, bowling team, and buy your kids girlscout cookies, fundraisers, ect. Support your own town first. (and no I do not own a business in R.C.)

Thursday, September 29, 2011 | Report this

The Rose City DDA had a grant program this year. The program pays up to $500 in materials as a 50/50 matching grant, meaning that if a business invests $1,000 in materials for a project, the DDA will match $500. Six business took advantage of the program. There were monies left in the program this year that were not applied for.

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Dear Rose Citians : I am from a different state, visited here each summer for many years, and have just begun to return. I love your little town - I do remember the glory days, but those may never come back. Everyone must buy LOCAL or what remaining stores you have will close. Recently I visited your library, the post office, Glenn's Market, Big E Bakery and the laundromat at Parkview - oh - and Rose City Drugstore. And oh yes, I did purchase gas at one of your stations because I still want them to be open when I return next year. Everywhere I went, I was greeted personally by people who did not know me. Everyone was friendly and helpful. And, Mr. Obamacare, your physicians did not leave due to making too much money, believe me. Maybe they did not want to "share the wealth" and decided to go to Detroit City and care for all of the rich people there.

And, yes, I am a small business owner in a small town just a little bit bigger than Rose City. Are we struggling? Yes. It will take getting rid of a total donkey and electing a businessman to live in the White House before anything gets remotely better.

See you next year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 | Report this

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