October 13, 2019

The Fans

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It was just another Sunday. It may have been doomed to disappointment like so many before it, and undoubtedly so many to follow, but that would not stop me. Time and TV permitting, and assuming I wasn't still in a coma from working 12 hours the night before, I would put on my team's colors, crack a beer, and settle down next to whatever medium I could to follow the game.

From the first kickoff to the final ticks of the clock we use to watch, for better or worse. Regardless of our history in the post season, there was always hope. In truth, a win was not all that uncommon back then. Even in loss, the highlight reels still occasionally showcased the home team talent. Through years of not quite being the team to beat, the excitement would not allow us to stray from the game. Then it happened.

One average summer day, the sports world was rudely awoken by an impossible announcement. Perhaps one of the greatest of all time would no longer grace the gridiron with his presence. How could he? Why would he do this? We were devastated. How could we possibly compete without his talent, speed, and leadership?

Fall came, and with it the excitement of Sunday. Although it may have been a little diminished from the summers news, in average fashion, the team came away with a fair record, and left us with the hope, that our loss, would also be a new beginning. We would not go quietly into the night. We still had some talent and drive left after all. Sadly, it would be the last winning season, for many...many years.

Which brings us to present day. I grow weary of fair weather fans. I grow tired of those that lack the integrity to stand by their home team. It makes me sick to hear them cry and whine about how bad we are, and always will be. Most of all, it saddens me that they choose another team to cheer for, knowing that a Superbowl is not in their future, but because a win is more important to them than being a faithful fan. I will not falter. I will put on my jersey, crack a beer, and turn on the game however I can. I will stand up and say, "I am a Lions fan!", and when the game is over, and the crowd clears, win or lose they will know they can count on me. For without the fans, there would be no football. Good luck today boys.


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Go Lions!

Sunday, October 10, 2010 | Report this

Amazing you post a story about standing by your team, and they pull one out for us. I'll be there when the crowd clears! Go Lions!

Monday, October 11, 2010 | Report this

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