September 15, 2019

Vague threat determined unfounded by W-P, MSP


WHITTEMORE — An internal investigation at Whittemore-Prescott determined a vague message that could have been interpreted as a threat was unfounded.

The Michigan State Police concurred with the district’s conclusion. In a message to parents May 17, Perrera said the vague message written in a textbook had the date “5/17” with it.

W-P Superintendent Joe Perrera said school administration looked into the matter, but was unsure when the note was written.

“We don’t know how long the writing has been there,” Perrera said. “There was no year. I don’t know if it was written recently or two years ago. Who knows?”

After Perrera consulted with the MSP, the post preemptively stationed officers at the school just in case.

Perrera said the most frustrating thing with the situation was that the rumor mill was active and a few sixth-grade students were spreading false rumors, which had caused some younger children to become upset.

Perrera said the sixth-graders were identified by administration, and the principal was dealing with the situation.

“The rumor mill started and I wanted parents to know that today started without issue and everything is good at W-P,” Perrera said.


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