January 19, 2020

Vehicle struck by bullet in Horton Twp

Occupants of vehicle unharmed


HORTON TWP — A vehicle was struck by a bullet while traveling north on M-76 just north of Rau Rd shortly after 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 15, according to information from the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies Gilbert and Weishuhn, along with conservation officers from the Department of Natural Resources, responded to the incident.

Gilbert said the bullet struck the hood of the vehicle and was found lodged in the area of the windshield below one of the windshield wipers. The vehicle had two adult occupants, neither of whom were injured in the incident.

Gilbert said he and the other responders made contact with hunters on the west side of the road and subsequently located the alleged shooter, who he said appeared to have been hunting lawfully. No arrest has been made at this time.

The passenger of the vehicle, Wendy Rahn, said her daughter Emily was driving the vehicle.

“We heard a big bang, and our windshield went white like fog,” Rahn said, adding that an odd smell filled the vehicle.

She said the windshield cleared after they pulled over the vehicle, and they were able to see the bullet hole under the driver’s side windshield wiper and heard several more gunshots go off.

“I’ve never had that kind of adrenaline,” Rahn said. “Nothing was concerning (to me) but my daughter. That’s all I could focus on.”

Rahn, who is also a hunter, said it is incredibly important to be aware of your surroundings while hunting.

“You really need to know where you are and where you’re shooting,” Rahn said. “It could have been way worse.”


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