WB-RC continuing with food service contractor Chartwells


WEST BRANCH — The West Branch-Rose City school board unanimously approved the renewal of the school’s contract with Chartwells for its food service program July 15.

While the contract is for five years, the board renews it each year per the Michigan Department of Education’s request. Every five years the service is also put out for bid, and this year no other bids were received.

Superintendent Phil Mikulski said Chartwells has managed the food service program for “well over 20 years.” It was only four years ago, however, that the entire program including employees was contracted out to Chartwells; before only management was contracted through the company.

Mikulski said the school has been happy with the contract.

“We’re very pleased with the service Chartwells provides for our students,” he said. “They’ve been a great partner with us. We’re glad we’re moving forward with Chartwells.”

Along with the renewal, the cost per meal went up by 1 1/2 percent, a typical yearly increase according to Mikulski. That cost is absorbed by the food service department, as currently all students receive free breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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