November 14, 2019

West Branch-Rose City bus rear-ended the morning of Oct. 1

No injuries reported


WEST BRANCH — No injuries were reported when a West Branch-Rose City Area Schools bus was rear-ended in West Branch at approximately 7:07 a.m. Oct. 1.

The accident occurred on State Road just east of Fairview Road.

Superintendent Phil Mikulski said there were 31 children riding the high school bus, which runs route 16 covering the area west of town, the George Lake area and a group stop at Surline Elementary.

Mikulski said the students were all safely transported to the high school though they were late to school as a result of the accident. Parents were all notified via a robocall.

According to Sheriff’s Deputy Branden Kirby, a 16-year-old female from West Branch rear-ended the bus with her Chevrolet Impala. She was transporting a 14-year-old male passenger.

According to Kirby, distracted driving was a factor, and a citation was issued.

Besides the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Department, Ogemaw County EMS and D&N Towing responded to the scene, as well as a second West Branch-Rose City bus to transport the kids.

Mikulski said it is important to keep an eye out for buses on the road.

“During the school year and time before and after school, it’s important for drivers to look out for buses and obey the appropriate signals that are out there for the safety of our students and the community,” he said.


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The situation on State Street at the middle and elementary for dropping off kids is a disaster. Traffic is backed up from the entryway to the parking lot east all the way up the hill almost to Fairview. Cars traveling east in front of the school better have patience. There is eastbound traffic attempting to make a left turn into that parking lot and they hope that the west bound folks (waiting in that lineup) will let them in. Through traffic heading east.......... forget it. Some try to pass on the right, up against the curb, but the traffic trying to make the left turn don't even consider them. Why can't the folks trying to make the left move more towards the center so through traffic can get past. This nightmare is frustrating. So much for this 'new traffic pattern' to drop kids off.

Tuesday, October 1 | Report this
Scott Nunn


I am not seeing the correlation between this accident and the traffic reflow at the school. The story reads that the accident was east of Fairview road and according to the photo the direction of travel was eastbound as well.

Tuesday, October 1 | Report this

Scott Nunn............. I realize you're viewing this as a isolated situation. I'm trying to draw attention to the MESS in front of the entryway into the drop off location at the Middle and Elementary school. Park across the street and watch the chaos in real time. In my personal opinion the schools attempt to work to make the flow of traffic easier is resulting in a traffic jam. Is this allowed on a public road? I believe more attention to traffic flow should be addressed. There have other accidents caused by 'distracted' drivers but I'm only hearing of these second hand.

Wednesday, October 2 | Report this

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